pink Kellogg FIELD School Fees

Session Dates:

Fall Session for 2018/2019: 

Chickadees & Magpies: September 10 – December 7

Ravens: September 13 – December 6

Eagles: September 10 – December 3

Owls: September 12 – December 5

Natural Nouns & Numbers: September 11 – December 4

Winter Session for 2018/2019: 

Chickadees & Magpies: January 28 – March 1

Ravens:  January 31 – February 28

Eagles: January 28 – February 25

Owls:  January 30 – February 27

Natural Nouns & Numbers:  January 29 – February 26

Spring Session for 2018/2019: 

Chickadees & Magpies: March 18 – May 3

Ravens: March 21 – May 2

Eagles: March 18 – April 29

Owls: March 20 – May 1

Natural Nouns & Numbers: March 19 – April 30

Session Fees:


 Fall Session
(13 weeks)
Winter Session
(5 weeks)
Spring Session
(7 weeks)
Natural Nouns & Numbers$585$225$315

*Price includes field trips as well as use of all ski /snowshoe and science equipment. Once a session begins, no refunds will be given for early withdrawal.

*During the month of April, all regularly scheduled Kellogg FIELD School classes will run regardless of the various home school’s testing dates.

*Kellogg FIELD School will be observing the following holidays: Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving.

Home-school Allotment:

Kellogg FIELD School accepts payment from the local home school programs, including Twindly Bridge, IDEA, Matsu Central School, Raven Correspondence and Cyberlinks.

Please note on purchase order forms and in your child’s ILP that all of our classes cover multiple learning disciplines including outdoor environmental education, science, social studies and physical education. Our NNN class also includes math, reading and writing skills.


Paying Out-of-pocket:

Personal checks should be made out to APU FIELD School. Payment for the full session must be complete before the first day of the program.


Program Cancellation:

Kellogg FIELD School will be subject to cancellation of programming due to unsafe road conditions or other safety hazards, as declared by the Mat-Su Borough School District. We will do our best to notify you via email in a timely fashion of any delay or cancellation; however, it is your responsibility to be aware of such alerts. Listen to local radio stations or visit the School District’s website if you are doubtful. We  honor safety first.


Nondiscrimination Statement:

Kellogg FIELD School will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, affiliation or economic status.

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