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To encourage each student’s discovery of the joy of learning through hands-on activities in nearby nature, in their home community and to nourish healthy lifestyles with local nutritious foods.


To create holistic learners that pursue interests and solve problems by looking through a wide-angle lens, using scientific inquiry, historical understanding, cultural awareness and linguistic reflection.

F.I.E.L.D. = Fully Integrated Environmental Learning and Discovery

Kellogg FIELD School Standards:

KFS standards serve as rigorous goals for instructing and learning. They have been gathered from various state and national environmental education standards and customized to fit our local needs. Contemporary society is placing immense academic demands on learners. Clear statements about what KFS participants should know and be able to do are essential to ensure that our program offers participants a foundation for environmental literacy.

KFS has identified the following educational benchmarks:

1. Environmental Sensitivity: Learners develop sensitivity for the natural environment.

2. Nature Studies: Learners develop a foundation for ecological concepts.

3. Outdoor Pursuits: Learners make healthy lifestyle choices by participating in outdoor physical activities.

4. Farms and Food: Learners appreciate the value of nutritious food and are able to trace the progression from “farm to fork.”

5. Our Shared Alaskan Experience: Learners explore the unique cultural and geographical aspects of our local and regional community.

MSBSD Standards

As a service to families and a measure of instructional quality, lessons are aligned to Alaska State scope and sequence standards. With our focus of experiential education, Kellogg FIELD School strives to make learning relevant to life, combining many disciplines to explore a given concept.

Lesson Plans

Previews are sent home each Friday during programming in order for parents to prepare for the following week.  KFS encourages parents to review concepts and extend themes at home.  Lesson summaries may be used to facilitate participants’ Individual Learning Plans when families meet with their home school advisor.


  • 2014 Sister school Exchange Recipients 2014
    Alaska Humanities Forum


  • 2014 Sister school Exchange Recipients 2014
    Alaska Humanities Forum

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